International Vape Expo

Network With Vape Businesses From Across The World

If you're looking to expand your business into different countries, then attending or exhibiting at an international vape expo is a great investment to make. This gives you a great opportunity to meet vape shop and online store owners, wholesale distributors. If you are a vape business owner, then this gives you the chance to discover new products (mods, eJuices etc.) that may not have been introduced into your market yet.

Apocalypse's booth at an international vape exhibition in Asia

Apocalypse's booth at an international vape exhibition in Asia

Which International Vape Expos To Attend

We strongly believe that there are still many countries that have the potential to have large electronic cigarette markets, but either they don't have access to quality products, or there is no awareness that vaping is a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco. We recommend attending shows in areas where there hasn't yet been a large scale international vape convention, or where the market for vapor products is just starting to take off. 

This gives any business willing to make the financial and time investment the chance to be first to market in that area. We all remember the few brands from back in he day when vaping was just starting to take off, and how they have lasted the years and still have a large customer base (Beard, Space Jam, Cosmic Fog etc).

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Travel The World With Friends

Attending international vaping events / vape expos give you and your staff the opportunity to travel to different countries around the world, while also being able to write it off as a business expense. There's plenty of time before and after the exhibitions to go sight seeing and visit tourist locations. At our Denmark Vape Expo and South American Vape Trade Show in Colombia, we host after parties at popular night clubs, restaurants and sometimes even rent out mansions!

While going out and enjoying your trip is what makes international conventions fun, it's important you remember that you're there for business. That means try not to pull all-nighters or drink at the bar until sunrise... unless you're use to that kinda stuff - haha. Jokes aside, getting to the chance to travel for work is a great experience for you and your company.

Copenhagen, Denmark - The Location Of  Vape Scandinavia 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark - The Location Of Vape Scandinavia 2018

Grow Your Lead & Email Lists

Connecting with consumers and business owners gives you a chance to grow your marketing lists (email and lead lists). As all vendors that rely on prospecting clients know, having a large and diverse customer contact list is the most valuable asset your business has.

While you may have a solid list for prospects in your home country, it may be more difficult for you to grow your international list. With our company having a background in wholesale vape distribution, we know that there are some very large clients in countries across the world. Make the most out of your trip financially by following up with leads after the show. Bring some custom contact cards, or even regular index cards, and collect contact info from interested customers.

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