International Vape Convention - Denmark


Vape Scandinavia is the first ever Vape Expo in Scandinavia, and will be held in the beautiful and historic city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our vaping convention will feature 100's of Vapor Brands, Manufacturers and Distributors from around the world! Our goal is to connect local business owners and consumers with our Sponsors and Exhibitors to build business relationships in a new market. We will also be hosting cloud comps, trick comps and may other activities at the expo. Click Here to Buy Tickets!


Event Information.



The Forum Expo Center - Copenhagen

Julius Thomsens Pl. 1, 1925 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Dates & Times.

Dates: Sat. July 28th and Sun. July 29th

B2B Only: Sat. 10am-2pm

B2B + B2C: Sat. 2pm-7pm & Sun. 12pm-7pm

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Scandinavian Vape Expo / Vape Convention

Vape Scandinavia is the area's very first large scale Vape Expo / Convention. The expo will be held July 28th and 29th at the prestigious Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. 100's of the world's largest and most popular eJuice brands, Vape Mods Manufacturers and other electronic cigarette companies will be exhibiting their latest vapor products. Our vape convention will have a focus on local business owners with a 4 Hour B2B ONLY time on Saturday. Local Vaping Advocacy groups will be on hand all weekend to discuss the current state of the industry in Northern Europe.